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Other Projects D'Agapeyeff Code

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New insight to D'Agapeyeff Cipher
I have long thought that this code was a dictionary code...or variant...but I needed to find the missing dictionary. I believe that I have found it...however still working on the decryption. Have read everwhere to see if this was past knowlegde, but haven't found any mention of these findings..Sections I- III is my introduction and my personal assumptions. Sections IV - V is the release of my findings. Please know that this finding was big for me...I don't know if it will mean much to anyone else, but to me it was my "Ah-ha" moment.
Read Paper

Read Paper

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The D'Agapeyeff Cipher
75628 28591 62916 48164 91748 58464 74748 28483 81638 18174
74826 26475 83828 49175 74658 37575 75936 36565 81638 17585
75756 46282 92857 46382 75748 38165 81848 56485 64858 56382
72628 36281 81728 16463 75828 16483 63828 58163 63630 47481
91918 46385 84656 48565 62946 26285 91859 17491 72756 46575
71658 36264 74818 28462 82649 18193 65626 48484 91838 57491
81657 27483 83858 28364 62726 26562 83759 27263 82827 27283
82858 47582 81837 28462 82837 58164 75748 58162 92000



(Here is my finding as of May 25, 2009) - Read Paper

New Clue: I picked up the book and slowly opened it up with a sigh. I looked down at my thumb…oh look, a little typo, I thought. I little “B” down at the bottom of the page was placed there for no reason. I thought they chopped the next word right in middle, so I turned the page and noticed that it did not belong to the next word at all! Nor the previous…nor the next….nor the previous…(I did this for a couple of seconds). My heart began to race…I flipped eight more pages then the same thing, a little floating “C” appeared. I flipped eight more pages a “D” written in the same location!

It was not a typo! It was my dictionary!!!!
Here are the page numbers and corresponding alphabet pages:
9BView Page
17CView Page
25DView Page
33EView Page
41FView Page
49GView Page
57HView Page
65IView Page
73KView Page
81LView Page
89MView Page
97NView Page
105OView Page
113PView Page
121QView Page
129RView Page
137SView Page
145TView Page
153UView Page
Code PageView Page

• “J” has been omitted (or maybe combined with I)

• VWXYZ are also omitted.

• Section A, is assumed as pages 1-8 (although it is not denoted on the cover page)

• Note: In the text, D'Agapeyeff states, for dictionary codes: XYZ are seldom used.

(It skips every 8 pages before advancing to the next alphabet)

Assumption: The code does not contain any JVWXYZ’s.

Although, I have not deciphered the numbers, I believe I have found the dictionary. This is the key to finding (words or letters), in accordance to the code.

  ALTERNATING PATTERN: Every other number group is above 60000 and and the other number grouping is below 60000.
     Possibly a clue to subtract adjacent numbers.

  LENGTH: D'Agapeyeff has two previous codes that he gives solutions to:

"General ordered the second brigade to attack at 3.30 A.M. the third brigade one hour later the fourth keep in reserve."

"No one here has deciphered the three latest dispatches, please discontinue these ciphers as the ones used hitherto were better."

*****The first one has 94 characters while the second one carries 106 characters. (Excluding the punctuation).

Assumption: The last code would be about or around the same number of characters. If this were the case:

Grouping of 5 yields c. 80
Grouping of 4 yields 100 – (best match)
Grouping of 3 yields 133
Grouping of 2 yields c. 200

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