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Sanborn's K3 Method
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Carter & K3

Read Carter's Diary:
    Kryptos Group

Interesting Finds:

John's [Covert Operations Fragment - Zola] Page Version of Carter's diary that is used by Sanborn including the omitted parts in covert Ops atZola Restraunt.

K3 Solutions:
 Elonka Dunin's speculative "pencil and paper" explanation

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FitnezzJim's observations:
  1. the first two used phrases contain 97 characters?
  2. the first skipped phrase is the same length as the first used phrase (23 characters).
  3. the second skipped phrase is 68 characters long

      Other Projects
If you're interested more information about Carter & K3:
  Jim Gillogly's 1999 solution of parts 1-3
  David Stein's report on how he solved parts 1-3
  Bill Houck's 2003 explanation of how to solve parts 1 and 2
  A Flash vigenere tablebuilderfor parts 1 and 2
  Elonka Dunin's "pencil and paper" explanation of how to solve part 3
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