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News Media:--* Enity removed article from their site and copy only exists in the wayback machine or other archives

  01/21/2005 - Solving the Enigma of Kryptos*
  01/21/2005 - Inside Info on Kryptos' Codes
  01/20/2005 - Questions for Kryptos’ Creator
  04/20/2006 - Typo Confounds Kryptos Sleuths*
  04/02/2008 - Mission Impossible: The Code Even the CIA Can’t Crack
  11/21/2010 - 'Berlin' Is Revealed as Kryptos Clue
  11/17/2010 - Kryptos Artist to Reveal Rare Clue to Baffling CIA Sculpture
  11/19/2010 - Kryptos Artist Launches Website to Receive Solutions
  06/05/2013 - CIA Releases Analyst’s Fascinating Tale of Cracking the Kryptos Sculpture
  07/10/2013 - Documents Reveal How the NSA Cracked the Kryptos Sculpture Years Before the CIA
  11/20/2014 - Finally, a New Clue to Solve the CIA’s Mysterious Kryptos Sculpture
  08/26/1999 - [All Things Considered] - Kryptos Puzzle at CIA: Two-Thirds Done
  08/26/1999 - [All Things Considered] - Kryptos Sculpture Mystery
  06/09/2005 - [Morning Edition] - CIA Experts Still Spooked by Kryptos Puzzle by MARY LOUISE KELLY
  04/21/2006 - [All Things Considered] - Enigmatic CIA Puzzle 'Kryptos' May Be Flawed
  11/22/2010 - [All Things Considered] - 'Kryptos' Sculptor Drops New Clue In 20-Year Mystery
  06/19/1999 - CIA spies spooked by backyard crypto-nerds
  06/11/2005 - Interest grows in solving cryptic CIA puzzle after link to Da Vinci Code
  11/21/2010 - Artist Jim Sanborn gives codebreakers hope to solve Kryptos CIA puzzle
  06/16/1999 - CIA's Artistic Enigma Reveals All but Final Clues - The New York Times
  06/16/1999 - C.I.A.'s Artistic Enigma Yields All but Final Clue - NYTimes.comDifferent Version w/Correction
  06/20/1999 - June 13-19; It Lost Something in Translation
  04/22/2006 - A Break for Code Breakers on a C.I.A. Mystery
  11/20/2010 - Clues to Stubborn Secret in C.I.A.’s Backyard
  11/21/2010 - A Crack in the Code Kryptos Is Keeping
  11/21/2010 - Original Decoding Charts for 'Kryptos'
  12/07/2010 - Monumentally Mystifying: Power of Secrets Inspires Public Art
  11/14/2014 - A New Clue to 'Kryptos'
  11/21/2014 - Sculptor Offers Another Clue in 24-Year-Old Mystery at C.I.A.
  09/21/2009 - Dan Brown's 'Lost Symbol' details local mystery*
  07/24/2007 - Nova's Kryptos 'Channel'
  07/30/2007 - Kryptos: Expert Q&A
  08/25/1999 -
  08/25/1999 -
  08/25/1999 -
  08/25/1999 -

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