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Jew-Lee's Observations about the Stones:

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The Lode Stone
Letter to the Agency
"My choice of materials, like code, conveys meaning. At the entrance a lodestone (a rock naturally magnetized by lighting [sic]) refers to ancient navigational compasses."

Jim's quotes About Lode Stones
"The work that happened before the CIA, and (was) the reason I was chosen (to do the CIA piece), dealt with invisible forces -- albeit natural invisible forces.... I also worked with the Earth's magnetic field and worked with lodestones ... from which we derived our knowledge of electricity. It was all involved in the secrets of nature before the agency chose my work to deal with the secrecy of man."

-- Compiled from Jim Gillogly's Kryptos page ©

The Red Granite Stone
Jim Sanborn's letter to the Agency
"Other materials around the site -- large stones, ornamental grasses, and small trees -- are designed to make the natural features surrounding the Agency more visually interesting and thought provoking."
Green Blob
The red stone by the Whirlpool has a green blob on it...Randy Thompson asks Sanborn at the 2013 DC Dinner about it.

RANDY: Does the green blob on the rock around the pool have any significance?

Sanborn: No. The Vermont quarry that I got the rock from was half green and half there was some spillage ..the rock that I got just happened to be both.   There is no significance for the green blob.

White Markings

There has been some discussion about the white marking on the red granite as well. See euchre mutt's remarks on post 15618

In the dinner Sanborn was only asked about the green blob not the white markings.

The Whitish/Greenish Stone
By the Whirlpool

This stone has stirred up some debate on seeing a bit of shadow play. Whether naturally apearing to look like letters numbers....

  1. Some of the discussion has been that 'JS' can be seen on the side of this rock.
  2. Some of the discussion has been that '2' and a '5' can be seen on the side of this rock.
Notes from Langley source, "Eufy" on the color and postion of the 'white' stone

"At the base of the main sculpture is a white rock which also seems to be carved into an arrowhead or pointer shape. Which way is it pointing? This stone is actually green. It has a prominent white quartz vein in it. It is very roughly flat on top; and one part was sliced away, I guess by machine. This leaves a flat surface which may be roughly triangular in shape. I don't think I'd ascribe any significance to it appearing to point. If anything, it appears to be pointing to the big red rock right next to it."

-- Compiled from Yahoo Group #13457

-- Compiled From Mike O'Neill in the Kryptos group

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