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Copper Screen



Reflective Pond


Petrified Wood

Jew-Lee's Observations about the Strata:

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Jim Sanborn's letter to the Agency
The tilted strata tell a story like pages of a document. Over the next several months, a flat copper sheet through which letters and symbols are cut will be inserted between these stone "pages." ... Its placement in a geologic context reinforces the text's "hiddenness" as if it were a fossil or an image frozen in time.

-- Compiled from Realm of Twelve Site

-- Compiled from Jim Gillogly's Kryptos page ©

....I wanted to do the piece outside the entrance to relate to the one on the inside [strata in the front and courtyard].... There’s a line of stones, jagged stones coming up out of the ground. And those lines are parallel to each other from the air.... And if you go up in your helicopter, and you look over on the inside , there’s the same outcropping on the inside, all lined up. So it appears as if the agency was built on top of that. And had been there way before the agency, been there for millennia. I like that idea, because it made it appear as if what I had done was there predated the agency, it was like a temple site, you know, some sort of a, religious temple site where secrets were always there, and they just kept piling it on, you know, like they built, well, let’s build our new one on top of here, and then we’ll build our new one on top of that one, right? And so in, in the stratas of granite, in the front of the building, uh, I inserted between some of the stratas a thick piece of copper plate. Like an ore, between slabs of stone. Or a page, pages of a book. And that ore, that copper plate was perforated with Morse code. The simplest code. -- Compiled from NOVA Transcript from

-- Compiled from Jim Gillogly's Kryptos page ©
Morse Code
Jim Sanborn's letter to the Agency
The tilted strata tell a story like pages of a document. This code, which includes certain ancient ciphers, begins as International Morse and increases in complexity as you move through the piece at the entrance and into the courtyard.

The strata with the morse code is located front lawn of the CIA. Morse code messages in copper "sheets": SOS, LUCID MEMORY, T IS YOUR POSITION, SHADOW FORCES, VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE, DIGETAL INTERPRETATU, and RQ. "E" are peppered in between the words presumable as placeholders
See full details here

The strata without the morse code is located in the CIA court yard by the reflective pool.

Other Strata
Small Granite Stone
Located outside on the front lawn as well is a stone located by the morse code strata.

-- Compiled from Realm of Twelve Site

Strata by the Reflecting Pool
Located outside in the courtyard, framing the reflective pool are two granite outcropings (that run parrell to the jutting strata in the the front lawn). These outcroppings do not contain any morse code on them.

-- Compiled from Jim Gillogly's Kryptos page ©

-- Compiled from Jim Gillogly's Kryptos page ©
With Lode Stone
So, and then also outside, there is a lodestone, and a compass dial. There is a compass dial there, and the compass dial is not pointed to, it’s not oriented north and south. It’s offset...there’s a mystery there. A mystery. So we have the Morse code, and we have the lodestone and the mysterious compass dial...SO then once you go inside, there are two elements there, there is a, another granite outcropping, very similar to the one out front, that has another slab of copper in it, and a pool of water with fish, coy, plantings, benches, a very contemplative space.
-- Compiled from NOVA Transcript from

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Strata points to the Berlin Wall -> See Picture

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