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On December 11,2003 3:29 PM: Ms. Elonka Dunin received an IM via AIM from the screenname of MolleeH with a cryptic message: Below is a copy of Elonka's post #1119 on the yahoo Kryptos Group telling about her werid encounter:

I get a lot of correspondence and IMs about Kryptos. Today though I got a different kind of message. It may be a prank, or it may not. The last time I got an anonymous message like this was when someone sent an untraceable email saying they'd solved the Cyrillic Projector. I didn't forward that message to the group because I thought it was a prank. As it turned out a couple months later though, it was sent by someone who really had figured out the Projector's encryption system.

I resolved that the next time I got something weird like that, I would forward it along to the group, so here goes:

  • About an hour ago, someone IMed me via AIM from the screenname of MolleeH.
  • They sent me one line of text, waited a minute or two while I replied with a couple questions, and then logged off without saying anything more.
  • They have no AOL profile, and no hometown webpage.

Here's the message:

MolleeH [3:29 PM]: The key to Kryptos is "komitet."

IMHO, it's plausible. "komitet" is the 7-letter Russian word for Committee. It's part of the name of the KGB agency: Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti.

Then again, it may just be a clever hoax. I've been reaching out through various sources to find out who owns MolleeH, and have received info that implies that it may be a hacked account. When I checked the account right after the message was sent to me, it was a valid AOL account. When I checked again a few minutes ago, it was deleted.

Make of it what you will,


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