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Sanborn's K3 Method
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The American Cryptogram Association is an American non-profit organization devoted to the hobby of cryptography, with an emphasis on types of codes, ciphers, and cryptograms that can be solved either with pencil and paper, or with computers, but not computer-only systems.     -- Compiled from

Kryptos Related Material    -- Compiled from

Cryptogram November December 1991 PagesCryptogram November December 1991 Pages (1, 8, 9)
  • Project Explanation by Jim Sanborn-Sanborn's Letter to the CIA Employees.
  • Kryptos Dedication by William H. Webster- Remarks by WW director of the Central Inteligence Agency at the dedication of the Scuplture for the new Headquarters Building November 5, 1990.
  • CIA has $250,000 Headache by Jim Yandle- According to the artist, KRYPTOS is siruated to blend in with natural rock outcropping on the agency grounds.....
Cryptogram March April 1992 PagesCryptogram March April 1992/Vol.LVIIII, No.2 - Pages (1, 14)
  • KRYPTOS by PHOENIX- With magnifying glass in hand, and after considerable eyestrain...
Cryptogram September October 1999Cryptogram September October 1999/ Vol. LXV, No.5(1, 4, 5, 6, 7)
  • The Kryptos Sculpture Cipher: A Partial Solution by SCRYER- In fromt of the CIA cafeteria stans a sculpture entitled "Kryptos" by James Sanborn...

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