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Kryptos on TV

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King of Queens: Season 2, Episode 17 - Date:14 Feb. 2000
Its Valentines day and Doug and Carrie reminisce about the first time when they met and how it really wasn't love at first sight. Kryptos picture is placed as framed art and most of the dialog is postioned around it....Someone on set must be a Kryptos fan.

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Alias: Season 5, Episode 10 - Date:19 Apr. 2006

After escaping from Peyton and her henchmen, and learning she's on a freighter at sea, Sydney goes to the communications room and sends a message to APO routed through the CIA to her whereabouts. Unbeknownst to her, the message is intercepted by a mole at the CIA working for Prophet Five, although APO was able to obtain a piece of the transmission. Wanting to retrieve Sydney, the APO team, Rachel, Tom, Dixon, and Marshall attempt to break into a secured server room located at Langley...

A small version of Kryptos appears in the season 5 episode of Alias, "S.O.S.". In it, Marshall Flinkman, in a small moment of comic relief, says he has cracked the code just by looking at it during a tour visit to the CIA office. The solution he describes sounds like the solution to the first two parts.

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Homeland: Season 2, Episode 4 - Date:12 Oct. 2012

Jess suggests to Brody that he pack a bag if he won't tell her the truth. The CIA has him under 24-hour surveillance from an off-site location run by Peter Quinn.

Okay so this one is not truely Kryptos, but obviously gives nod to the piece...when on the CIA grounds a Sanborn sculptureque likenes is presented.

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