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Sanborn's K3 Method
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K0 Solution
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Krypto K0 uses International Morse Code and not American Morse Code. There are slight differences

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Not hard at all!!!!! Aren't you mad at yourself for not going straight to the answer and thinking about it for a while? Better luck next time, gumshoe. Jew-Lee

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If you're interested more information about K0 Solution:
  Jim Gillogly's 1999 solution of parts 1-3
  David Stein's report on how he solved parts 1-3
  Bill Houck's 2003 explanation of how to solve parts 1 and 2
  A Flash vigenere tablebuilderfor parts 1 and 2
  Elonka Dunin's "pencil and paper" explanation of how to solve part 3
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