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Why This Site Was Created?

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Dear All,

I became aware of Kryptos in 2001, really started documentation in 2003. At the time, there were only a few sites with lots of good information. Of course, Elonka's Site was my Kryptos manual (and still is), but I found out that other great sites had other bits and snippets of information such as Gary's Realm of Twelve (now Kryptos Revisited) and Nicole's Monet's Site. These offered analysis, thoughtful input and research. Also events, and pictures, and conversations of people who had spoken with Kryptos’ key people, were spread all over wikis, blogs (such as Bill's Kryptos Blogger), personal pages and our yahoo groups.

It was very difficult to keep up with what was fact or fiction, and who said what and when. I was finding myself with about four thick, hand scratched, notebooks of: Where did I read this? Is this creditable? Who said this? So in 2007, in an attempt to organize my ideas, I created a web site for easy reference. It was meant mainly for myself and to help me keep my sanity. Very quickly it became clear that other people had the same issues. So it has developed into The Kryptos Project serving as a compilation of materials and sources pertaining to Kryptos.

I hope that it helps those to find what they are looking for,

Jew-Lee Irena Lann

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