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05/14/2009Okay between a physical move of my office and renetworking, servermigration, and a busy non-work life too...I am settling down to work on my beloved Kryptos pages this weekend.

01/02/2008Happy New Year!!! I know a little late...I am going to get back on this site and try to bring it up to snuff here. Just finished closing the little shop for the holidays, finished up finals, and all kinds of crazy stuff going on here. I feel like I can take a breath today I will see what I can do this week!!! Take care, Jew-Lee

05/19/2008Finished with my finals. I will try to work on this site some more this week. Finished up the nova huge direct link on media video page. Started on Ms. Dunin's page...she has done alot in her life! Whew. Okay finished the high definition over new google overview...I will post that tomorrow if I get a chance.

04/13/2008Finished the Morse Code Tool except for the swap function and letting the program handle capital letters will work on that tonight or tommorrow...Location:

04/12/ is back online.

03/20/2008 - Finshed up the skelton structure of the webbing. I am currently working on Sanbornisms Under links --> Quotes: I am finished for tonight though.... tommorrow I will get a PHP feedfack system online and work on the Flash Photo Galleries for the pictures section.

03/21/2008I am currently working on Historical People section.

For time not being my own I reused a bit of my code I wrote for one of my former websites and intergrated into the current....when I get some time I will most likely design a new layout for this site. I write everything by hand and it takes some time. I have been putting this site off for about 6 months I thought at least I will throw something up there to get it started.

Tonight I will be working on the media portion

Stego added to conceal the link to the password protected section of this site.(--Find it if you can)

Oh yeah! Password Protected magament site is up

03/22/2008I am currently working on transcribing

Wow! I have been transcribing the radio/podcast all today...i have posted a few on the transcripts page..Whew I am tired.

03/24/2008 Citing as fast as I can!

03/25/2008 Almost Finished with the Web Part of the media section

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